Voila! the Ready to wear Invention scarf was granted a PATENT protection by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Protected in 144 countries around the world.

We are the original Inventors of this product.

PATENT  #8516619.

WIPO Patent: Ready To Wear Headscarf

A headscarf for women and in particular veiled women is provided which includes a garment element (101) sewn (501) to a predetermined formed style (200) covers a wearer’s head or head and neck and maintains the formed style of a scarf worn particularly by veiled women. Optionally, this headscarf is associated with a plurality of styling accessories such as a fabric ornamental accessory (1001).

حجاب الفوالا حجاب حائز على براءة إختراع عالمية محمية في 144 دولة حول العالم، إحذروا التقليد!.