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Introduction to Bokitta Malaysia

Welcome to the world of Bokitta Malaysia, brought to you by BokittaPinFree.com, your premier destination for innovative, pin-free hijabs. Since its establishment in 2013, Bokitta Malaysia has revolutionized the hijab scene with its high-quality, comfortable, and stylish products. As a leading ecommerce reseller in Malaysia, BokittaPinFree.com is proud to bring these innovative products to you.

The Origins of Bokitta Hijab

Bokitta™, the parent brand of Bokitta Malaysia, is a contemporary hijab and clothing brand that caters to the modern and practical Muslim woman. The brand, which takes its name from the word “bouquet,” symbolizing colors, florals, textures, and shapes, was founded in Beirut, Lebanon, in Autumn 2009. It quickly gained international acclaim and a loyal following.

The Inspiration Behind Bokitta™

Bokitta™ was inspired by the idea of making hijabs easy to wear for everyone, from new hijabis to busy professionals, students, and mothers. The brand’s mission is to eliminate the struggle of styling hijabs and using pins, making the hijab-wearing experience as seamless as possible.

The Innovation of Bokitta™

In 2010, Bokitta™ released its first Instant pin-less wrap style hijab under the name of voila!, meaning “done!” This product, which allows users to wear their hijab perfectly within seconds, was granted patent protection by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is protected in 144 countries around the world.

The Continuous Evolution of Bokitta™

Bokitta™ is committed to continuous innovation. The brand regularly researches new fabrics and textiles that Muslim women love, especially in warm weather. They are also dedicated to developing new styles and prints for every season and occasion, catering to women who love change and like to try new things. Bokitta hijabs fit all sizes, are suitable for all age groups, and can be worn for many occasions, making them the perfect gift for any woman.

Bokitta Hijab’s Product Range on BokittaPinFree.com

At BokittaPinFree.com, we offer a wide array of Bokitta Malaysia products, including the original Tudung Bokitta and Bokitta hijab. Our product range includes plain, printed, and textured styles, catering to a variety of tastes. The Tudung Bokitta terkini and Bokitta freestyle Malaysia are particularly popular for their versatility and the ease they bring to the hijab-wearing experience.

Bokitta’s New Arrivals and Bestsellers on BokittaPinFree.com

BokittaPinFree.com is your go-to destination for all the latest designs and bestsellers from Bokitta Malaysia. Our bestsellers include the Plain Chiffon Hijab, Printed Hijab, and Textured Hijab, all known for their softness, breathability, and unique textures.

Voila Bokitta Pin Free Hijab

Bokitta’s Loyalty Program on BokittaPinFree.com

BokittaPinFree.com values its customers and offers a loyalty program for Bokitta lovers. By shopping online at our store, customers can earn points and enjoy exclusive benefits. We also reflect Bokitta Malaysia’s commitment to social responsibility by donating a portion of our profits to charities that support women and children. Click here to learn more about Bokitta and join us in making a difference!

Buy Bokitta Products in Malaysia 2023

Cover up fabulously with official Bokitta hijabs, available now on BokittaPinFree.com. We are your premier destination for Bokitta products in Malaysia. Shop with us today and experience the Bokitta difference.

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