Our Story

Bokitta is a family owned business from Lebanon. It comes from the word ‘bouquet’ in Arabic, which refers to a collection of flowers. The founder of Bokitta invented the pin-free hijab series which are patented as a ready to wear and hassle free hijab. It is registered in The World Intellection Property Organization and is available in many countries throughout the world.

Now we are delighted to bring to you the Bokitta hijab series to Malaysia. We are passionate about helping modern Muslim women to be stylish and yet Shari’ah compliant. As young and busy working women and mothers ourselves, we have been looking for a stylish yet fuss-free hijab to wear on a daily basis. Ain’t we glad we found Bokitta – and yes, we want to share this little treasure with all of you 🙂

We’ve had our share of struggles trying to find the right style, watching and learning hijab tutorials on you-tube day in and day out, and honestly some days we end up with frustration after spending so much time in front of the mirror (true story!). Thankfully since we found Bokitta, we simply have fallen in love with wearing Bokitta hijab as it is so easy to wear! We now take less than a minute to complete our look, and we can walk out of our house in confidence knowing that our hijab isn’t only pretty, but is also in place and will not be affected by the strong wind (or the children’s curious hands!)

We also hope to inspire those who have been planning to start wearing hijab, as this pin-free hijab is so easy and comfortable to wear. Everyone really should give it a try 🙂

We dream to share this love for hijab with everyone no matter where you are. We really understand your need to shop and keep your wardrobe lively 🙂 – so be ready for our new arrivals and do subscribe to our mailing list.

We hope that our little mark on this online shopping world will bring a positive change to your life. Experience this convenience for yourself, and if you are satisfied with our items we are happy to serve. However should there be any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care and we will try our best to help you.

So sit back, enjoy browsing our shop, and happy shopping! And of course, don’t forget to spread the love by sharing with your friends!

Best Regards,

Bokitta Pin-Free Hijab Team