Why Instant hijabs is the next best thing and why most women prefer it over traditional scarves

The fashion business is always changing, so you have to be picky about what you buy and what you put on your body. If you call yourself a “Hijabi” (a person who wears a hijab), the only thing that troubles you is keeping your collection of hijabs current, and if you already have a vast variety of hijabs, your comfort becomes the next top priority.

Bokitta has been a long-awaited change in the fashion world, and every hijabi is now convinced to choose it over old, traditional scarves. Here are the top five reasons why Bokitta scarves are replacing traditional ones and why you should get some right away.

Model wearing bokitta pinfree hijab

  1. Easy to Wear:

Over 85% of hijabi women report difficulty in wrapping and fastening the scarf. Not only does it take a lot of time and energy to wrap it around your head and pin it securely in the morning, but you also have to keep adjusting it throughout the day, and you may feel self-conscious about doing so in public.

Bokitta, on the other hand, does not need to be readjusted or carefully wrapped, providing you comfort and saving you time and effort as well. Our products may be put on in about two quick minutes, and there is no need to alter it during the day. You can now go completely pin-free and avoid the hassle of dealing with safety pins or a scarf-like hijab.

Woman wearing bokitta pinfree hijab

  1. Comfort as priority:

A conventional Hijab now comes in a variety of fabrics, many of which are uncomfortable to wear; some women even claim to be allergic to them since their delicate skin can’t stand the poor quality fabric. You don’t have to change up your routine when you put on a Bokitta, unlike with other scarves. It’s constructed out of a flowy cotton fabric that’s both lightweight and breathable. As an example, Carré stands out among our collection as one of the most airy and cozy options available. Since many women who choose to wear the hijab are prevented from venturing out during the hottest months of the year, having an all-season fabric that can be carried at all times is a luxury. You no longer need to wear the old, conventional hijab since this cotton fabric helps you avoid excessive sweating. Voila, a multilayered Bokitta’s signature pin free hijab, is perfect for the winter since it not only makes you appear fashionable but also keeps your head warm and protected from the cold. Fashion Pro Tip: Opt for our shorter version Voila during winter so it dons perfectly over your coat.

  1. Outfit Diversity:

Many devout Muslims hold the false belief that scarves can only be worn with certain garments, making it difficult to combine them with both traditional and modern styles. This flexibility is brought through Bokitta’s introduction of a vast array of eastern and western motifs. You can choose the perfect Bokitta pin free hijab by browsing through our extensive selection. You may find plain and printed scarves in various styles such as Chic, Capshawl, Jolie, Posh, and many more. There are a variety of iterations as well with different lengths, such as the Taj for covering half the chest and the Taj Maxi for providing entire chest coverage. All these options provide the user more options for mixing and matching with their wardrobe. The widest variety of fabrics, designs, and lengths can be found in Voila, making it our customer’s favorite. Bokitta is home to a talented design team that is consistently surprising the market with new and improved products.

Bokitta pinfree hijab

  1. Full Coverage and Wudhu Friendly:

Coverage of the shoulders and neck is standard in all Bokitta designs. The fundamental idea behind hijab is to conceal one’s body, which is difficult to do with regular scarves because of their unconventional shapes and ease of removal. The shawl’s head- and neck-covering capabilities are enhanced by its ability to be tied at the neck. For women who wear the hijab, one of the most inconvenient aspects of prayer time is removing the garment to perform ablutions; however, our scarves are designed to allow for Wudu to be performed without removing the garment. Bokitta boldly asserts that all of our ranges can be put on in under 3 seconds without the need of a mirror. If you’re looking for a solution like this, you should start with Voila and work your way up to Chic, Chic Maxi, and Voila Maxi.

Pinfree hijab

  1. Wearing as a Turban:

The ability to wear a Bokitta as a turban is its most remarkable and distinctive trait. In light of the current popularity of the turban-style Hijab, many women are ordering Bokitta scarves with extra-long tails so that they can wear them as turbans or as scarves—an option not available with traditional hijabs. CapShawl‘s turban inventory is quite limited, therefore place your order as soon as possible.

Carre, the most ordered and popular rapid hijab launched by Bokitta, is more convenient and easy to wear thanks to recent improvements. Its full coverage and comfortable fabric make it a top choice among Bokitta owners. If you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself when designing your turban look, check out our freestyle selection as well.